Leap Machinery – Backside grooving machine

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For example: LVT / SPC / WPC lock floor is 60 million square meters, if Core material weight reduction technology is used:

4800 trucks can be reduced in the process of transporting raw materials in the production workshop;

Every year, 3400 shipping containers and 1550 trailers can be reduced in the supply chain;

Improve the utilization rate of raw materials and save 117000 tons of raw materials

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Leap Machinery - Backside grooving machine, The fuselage is welded with national standard steel plate, with solid and stable structure. This equipment adapts a kind of floor core material weight reduction technology (BackLite). By using groove unit equipment to remove part of the core material on the back of the thermoplastic floor, the weight of the final product can be reduced up to 20%. The materials removed in the production process can be recycled in the next production link, reducing material consumption by up to 20%, thus improving the utilization rate of raw materials and reducing production costs. At the same time, due to the lighter weight of the floor, the number of trucks needed to transport is reduced, each shipping container can load more square meters of floor, the transportation cost is significantly reduced, the carbon dioxide emission is reduced, and the environmental protection is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment. In addition, the product becomes more light and convenient for installers to install. Floor products from the factory to purchase and end-user installation of the whole link, product processing will become easier, more efficient, more environmentally friendly. The Leap Machinery backside grooving machine adopts mechanical and electrical dual safety system to ensure the safety of the equipment, and adopts PLC intelligent control system, touch screen friendly man-machine interface, easy operation. Before the use of this equipment, PVC floor does not need to do any additional treatment, which is consistent with the production of conventional floor, only adding this process in the production process.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), a kind of digital operation Controller with microprocessor for automatic control, which can load control instructions into memory at any time for storage and execution. The PROGRAMMABLE controller is composed of CPU, instruction and data memory, input/output interface, power supply, digital-analog conversion and other functional units. The early PROGRAMMABLE logic controller only has the function of logic control, so it is named programmable logic controller. Later, with the continuous development, these computer modules with simple functions at the beginning have various functions, including logic control, timing control, simulation control, multi-machine communication and so on. The name was also changed to Programmable Controller (Programmable Controller), but because its abbreviations PC and Personal Computer (Personal Computer) conflict, and for reasons of habit, people still often use the name Programmable logic Controller, and still use the abbreviation PLC.

Now the programmable logic controller used in industry has been equivalent or close to a compact computer host, and its advantages in scalability and reliability make it widely used in various industrial control fields. Whether in the computer direct control system or centralized distributed control system DCS, or field bus control system FCS, there are always a lot of use of all kinds of PLC controllers. PLC manufacturers, such as Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Delta and so on, almost involved in the field of industrial automation manufacturers will have its PLC products to provide.


Items Data
Speed 100m/min
Total Power 20kW
Flooring size Length 600~1850 mm
Width 150~250mm
Thickness 3-10mm
Width 150~250 mm

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