Leap machinery high-speed double position gantry stacker

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Leap machinery high-speed double position gantry stacker is composed of frame, transmission mechanism, up and down lifting mechanism and grabbing mechanism.

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The frame is welded with 150x250 x 8mm rectangular tube, and the structure is firm and stable. The large gantry milling machine on the whole machine ensures the flatness and parallelism of the installation plane of the linear guide rail of the manipulator; In the transmission mechanism, the manipulator horizontal walking adopts servo motor with high-strength synchronous belt, synchronous wheel, precision linear guide assembly and limit photoelectric mode, with accurate positioning, fast and low noise in the walking process. The upper and lower lifting mechanism is designed with gear rack and linear guide rail, and the grabbing mechanism is designed with aluminum profile and air cylinder to reduce the walking weight. The structure is firm, and it is easy to adjust the plate size. The Leap machinery high-speed double position gantry stacker is suitable for multi specification plates. The above mechanism is integrated to ensure that the palletizing of plates is reliable, stable and neat in the process of use. The Leap machinery high-speed double position gantry stacker adopts mechanical and electrical dual safety system to ensure the safe use of the equipment, and adopts PLC intelligent control system, touch screen friendly man-machine interface. The Leap machinery high-speed double position gantry stacker can greatly reduce the labor in the process of using, avoid the damage of the plate in the process of transportation, stack neatly, reduce the labor intensity of workers, The Leap machinery high-speed double position gantry stacker is an essential cutting supporting equipment in the floor cutting, slotting and stacking production process of floor manufacturers.

The manipulator is a kind of automatic operation device that can imitate some action functions of the hand and arm to grab and carry objects or operate tools according to fixed procedures. It is characterized by the ability to complete a variety of expected operations through programming, and has the advantages of both human and mechanical machines in construction and performance.

Manipulator is the earliest industrial robot, is also the earliest modern robot, it can replace people's heavy labor to achieve the mechanization and automation of production, can operate in harmful environment to protect personal safety, so it is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and atomic energy and other departments.


Items Data
Turning Speed 8-10/ turns/min
Turn motor power 4kW
Gas 0.6MPa-0.8MPa
Lifting Range ≤ 50 KGS
Flooring size() Length 600~1850 mm
Width  150-250mm
Width 150~250 mm

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