Leap machinery roller synchronous belt 90 degree steering machine

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Leap machinery roller synchronous belt 90 degree steering machine, the body adopts 100×100 x 5mm rectangular tube welding superimposed aluminum profile assembly molding, the structure is firm and stable.

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The whole machine is composed of conveying system and steering lifting system. The conveying system adopts the combination of rubber coated roller, sheet baseband, high-speed bearing, variable-frequency motor and other transmission modes to ensure the accurate, stable and high-speed passage of plates. The steering lifting system is composed of cylinder connecting rod lifting structure, connecting rod synchronous belt mechanism, synchronous belt conveying mechanism and frequency conversion motor to ensure the smooth lifting and accurate steering directional conveying of plates. The Leap machinery roller synchronous belt 90 degree steering machine adopts mechanical and electrical dual safety system to ensure the safety of the equipment, and adopts PLC intelligent control system, touch screen friendly man-machine interface. Roller synchronous belt 90 degree steering machine is suitable for various types and specifications of plate 90 degree steering (can be customized according to different specifications), and in the use process can reduce labor, avoid the damage of plate in the steering process, reduce the labor intensity of workers, high efficiency, Leap machinery roller synchronous belt 90 degree steering machine is an essential assembly line supporting equipment in the automatic production of floor and board furniture manufacturers.

With the rapid development of power electronics technology and new semiconductor devices, ac speed regulation technology has been continuously improved and improved, gradually improved frequency converter with its good output waveform, excellent performance and price ratio in the AC machine has been widely used. For example: the steel used for rolling large motor and medium and small electric motor, railway and urban rail transit with traction motor, elevator, container lifting equipment with lifting motor, water pump and fan with motor, compressor, home appliances, have to use ac variable frequency speed regulating motor, and achieved good results. Ac frequency conversion speed regulating motor has significant advantages over DC speed regulating motor:

(1) Speed adjustment is easy, and energy saving.

(2) AC motor has the advantages of simple structure, small size, small inertia, low cost, easy maintenance and durability.

(3) The capacity can be expanded to achieve high speed and high voltage operation.

(4) Can realize soft start and fast braking.

(5) No spark, explosion-proof, strong environmental adaptability.


 Items  Data
 Turning Speed ≤ 12/ turns/min
 Turn motor power 0.75 kW
 Conveyor motor 0.75 kW
 Flooring size Length 600~1850 mm()
Width 150~250 mm

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