Woodworking machinery and equipment operating procedures

1. The operator of the equipment, must be trained by the post, after passing the examination, before they can operate independently.

2. The machinery operator must be familiar with the technology, performance, internal structure of the equipment, operating procedures, maintenance and handling of simple faults. To do will use, will check, will maintain, will troubleshoot.

3. After drinking, mental or sick personnel are strictly prohibited from operating machinery, non-mechanical operators are strictly prohibited from operating machinery China Furniture Forum, in four, operation, the scene must be cleaned up, the operation must concentrate on, smoking, eating food, joking and teasing, in the mechanical operation, shall not be in the mechanical cleaning shavings, wood chips China Furniture Forum, China Furniture Network, Furniture Forum, Furniture Network, Home Furniture Forum, Office Home five, personnel in operation, shall not be away from the post, need to leave, must stop the power off. Not allowed to give machinery to non-designated personnel to operate.

4. Machinery and equipment should be a team of people responsible for the use and management, strict compliance with the maintenance procedures of machinery and equipment, seriously do a good job of maintenance at all levels, should be reasonable use, correct operation, keep machinery and equipment in good condition.

5. Where the newly installed machinery or by overhaul, modification or relocation and dismantling of the reinstalled equipment, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the inspection, identification and test run after passing, before being allowed to put into use, and should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the major, medium and minor repair period for timely maintenance, in order to extend the service life.

6. The transmission and tool parts of machinery and equipment, must have a reliable safety shield, and should be checked at any time to keep it flexible and effective.

7. The operator must wear good work clothes when working, wear a good work cap, long hair must not be exposed, sleeves rolled to the elbow above or buttoned up.

8. Electric machinery and equipment, is strictly prohibited in low-voltage or unstable voltage operation, mechanical start, should check the electrical instrumentation, to be stable and normal ammeter pointer, before the official work. In the work, if the power supply is found to be less than the rated voltage of the equipment, should immediately stop the power off China Furniture Forum, China Furniture Network, Furniture Forum, Furniture Network, Home Furniture Forum, Office Furniture, Home, Furniture.

9. Work, if you encounter a power failure, the electric switch should be closed to prevent the incoming call, the machinery runs on its own.

10. Machinery and equipment is strictly prohibited “sick” operation or overload operations, failure should be promptly removed or to the competent repair advice.

11. Machinery and equipment in operation, no repair, maintenance, lubrication and tightening work, such as heat, noise, loose or damaged parts and other faults, should first stop and power off, after the inspection and repair.

12. the use of the tool, should be diligent repair and grinding, not reluctant to use. Installation of tools must be parked and power off before proceeding, must be installed firmly in accordance with the requirements of the machinery, tighten the bolts, there should not be any loose phenomenon.

13. After the work is finished and the power is cut off, the machinery must be cleaned, maintained and the gate box closed (locked).

14. Hoover bag in the wood ash can not be full of more than 4/5 of the bag, too full easy to cause motor burn.

15. When all machinery is under repair or tool change, the sign “This equipment is under repair, use is strictly prohibited” must be hung up.

Post time: Aug-03-2021