Automatic feeding scheme for multi rip saw


Hydraulic lifting table→ Feeding system→ Roller Conveyor→ Multi rip Saw→ Roller Conveyor→ Steering Machine→ Climbing & Turnover Conveyor

The whole line adopts mechanical and electrical dual safety system to ensure the safety of equipment, and adopts PLC intelligent control system, touch screen using friendly HMI. It is an indispensable feeding supporting scheme in the automatic production of floor and panel furniture manufacturers.

Multi-slice saw processing is a wide plate sawing into several pieces of narrow wool (parts) of the same width, mainly used for furniture solid wood parts of coarse fixed width processing, the core plate and joinery board specifications batching. Multi – chip saw feed is mechanical feed, there are two ways, namely feed roller feed and track feed. This processing task uses the track feed multi – slice saw. When feeding the wide plate through a number of circular saw blades, so as to obtain a number of narrow specification parts, high production efficiency.

Automation is specialized in intelligent automatic control, digital, networked controller and sensor research and development, production, sales of high-tech companies, its numerous functional modules, perfect embedded solutions can maximize the personalized needs of many users. The company has a wide range of products to meet customer needs. The automatic equipment is composed of a vibrating plate.

Automation system in a large set of equipment, also known as automatic device. The process by which a machine or device is operated or controlled automatically in accordance with prescribed procedures or instructions without human intervention. Therefore, automation is an important condition and significant sign of the modernization of industry, agriculture and science and technology.

Post time: Aug-10-2021