Leap Machinery – UV automatic loading and unloading scheme


Hydraulic lifting platform→ Gantry feeder→ Roller conveyor→ High speed plate turnover machine→ Roller conveyor→ UV line→ Roller conveyor→High speed plate turnover machine→ Roller conveyor→gantry blanking machine→ Hydraulic lifting platform

The whole line adopts mechanical and electrical dual safety system to ensure the safety of equipment, and adopts PLC intelligent control system, touch screen friendly man-machine interface. It is an indispensable loading and unloading supporting scheme in the automatic production of floor and panel furniture manufacturers.

With the development of industrial technology, more and more furniture manufacturers in order to enhance the competitiveness of products, the introduction of UV coating production line, but WHAT is the difference between UV coating production line and ordinary coating production line? UV is the English abbreviation of Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet), UV paint is Ultraviolet curing paint, also known as photoinduced paint. UV coating production line mainly uses UV paint, which is used for painting wood panels in furniture manufacturers.

Advantages of UV coating production line:

1.UV coating production line uses professional UV paint, UV paint is different from common furniture enterprises commonly used PU paint, PE paint and NC paint, is a real green and environmental protection paint, does not contain any volatile substances, UV coating production line products green, health, environmental protection.

2.UV paint film is three-dimensional structure, hardness, good wear resistance, good transparency, so the products born in UV coating production line scratch resistance, friction resistance, stand the test of time.

3. The mechanization equipment on THE UV coating production line overcomes the human factors in the manual operation, so that the product color difference is small and the quality is stable.

4.UV coating production line in the coating process, the harmful substances in the plate will be decomposed, and through ultraviolet curing machine drying, the product is more healthy and environmental protection.

Post time: Aug-10-2021