The Leap machinery fast intelligent small plate turnover machine

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The Leap machinery fast intelligent small plate turnover machine adopts 100×100 x 6mm rectangular tube for welding forming, with solid, stable and reliable structure.

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The plates that pass through can be turned over each other or at intervals. The Leap machinery fast intelligent small plate turnover machine is composed of turnover mechanism and conveying mechanism. The turnover mechanism adopts servo motor and gear, synchronous wheel, synchronous belt drive design, accurate and fast rotation positioning, and synchronous mechanism is used at both ends to ensure turnover synchronization. The conveying mechanism can adopt two ways (spring synchronous belt clamping mechanism and sponge synchronous belt clamping mechanism) to ensure that the sheet has no damage in the turnover process, accurate clamping, accurate, stable and fast conveying. At the same time, the product can automatically identify the front and back of the plate in the process of operation, to ensure that the turnover is correct. The machine adopts mechanical and electrical dual safety system to ensure the safety of the equipment, and adopts PLC intelligent control system, touch screen friendly man-machine interface. The fast intelligent small board turnover machine can reduce the labor in the use process, avoid the damage of the board in the turnover process, and reduce the labor intensity. It is an essential assembly line supporting equipment in the automatic production process of floor and panel furniture manufacturers

A servo mechanism is an automatic control system that enables the output controlled quantity of an object, such as its position, orientation, and state, to follow any change of the input target (or given value). Servo positioning by pulse, basically can understand it, servo motor to receive a pulse, will rotate one pulse of the corresponding point of view, so as to realize the displacement, because, the function of the servo motor itself has a pulse, so each rotation Angle of a servo motor, send out the corresponding number of pulses, in this way, and the servo motor to accept pulse forming the echo, Or closed-loop, so that the system will know how many pulses sent to the servo motor, and how many pulses received back, so that it can be very precise control of the motor rotation, so as to achieve accurate positioning, can reach 0.001mm. Dc servo motor is divided into brush and brushless motor. Brush motor low cost, simple structure, large starting torque, wide speed range, easy control, need to maintain, but maintenance is not convenient (carbon brush), electromagnetic interference, the environment has requirements. Therefore, it can be used in cost sensitive ordinary industrial and civil occasions.

Brushless motor small size, light weight, large output, fast response, high speed, small inertia, smooth rotation, torque stability. Control complex, easy to realize intelligent, its electronic commutation mode is flexible, square wave or sine wave commutation. Motor maintenance free, high efficiency, low operating temperature, small electromagnetic radiation, long life, can be used in a variety of environments.


 Items Data
 Turning Speed ≤ 70/ turns/min
 Turn motor power 5.5 kW
 Conveyor motor 1.5 kW
 Flooring size Length 600~1850 mm
Width  150~250mm
Width 150~250 mm

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