The Leap Machinery pallet stacking machine

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The Leap Machinery pallet stacking machine is composed of frame, screw rod lifting system and cylinder telescopic system; It can be used for automatic removal of pallets (pallets), and can also be used for stacking and collecting empty pallets;

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Instead of manual frequent empty pallets, with automatic palletizing equipment, reduce manual operation; The frame is welded by national standard profile, which is firm and reliable; The screw rod lifting system is composed of screw rod lift, variable frequency motor, transmission shaft, chain wheel, linear guide rail, etc., with stable operation and reliable synchronization performance on both sides. The cylinder telescopic system is composed of cylinder, linear guide rail, cylinder seat and tray frame, which is flexible and accurate in positioning; The Leap Machinery pallet stacking machine adopts screw rod lifting mechanism, linear guide rail guidance, and runs smoothly; The empty tray adopts roller mechanism to save cost; The process and structure are simple, easy to operate and control. The Leap Machinery pallet stacking machine is the necessary equipment for floor and panel furniture manufacturers in the process of product stacking and stacking.

The pallet is a vehicle that transforms static cargo into dynamic cargo, a platform for carrying cargo, but also a mobile platform, or moving ground. Even goods that lose their flexibility when placed on the ground gain immediate mobility once loaded on pallets and become flexible mobile goods because the goods loaded on pallets are in a state of readiness to be transferred into motion at any time. This dynamic loading and unloading method with pallets as the basic tools is called Palletizing.

Pallet operation can not only significantly improve the loading and unloading effect, its implementation, the form of warehouse building, ship structure, railway and other modes of transportation loading and unloading facilities and management organization have changed. In terms of cargo packaging, it promotes the normalization and modularization of packaging, and even has a significant impact on the general mode of production activities other than loading and unloading. With more and more sophisticated production equipment, higher and higher degree of automation, production planning more and more strong and gradually advanced management mode, process handling and supply of materials and semi-finished products to the production line work becomes more and more important.


The Leap Machinery pallet stacking machine can be customized according to the size of the pallet

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