The Leap Machinery wallboard palletizing machine

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The Leap Machinery wallboard palletizing machine adopts 150×150 x 8mm rectangular tube welding for its body, with solid and stable structure.

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The whole machine is processed by large gantry milling machine to ensure its flatness and parallelism; Robot horizontal walking adopts servo motor with synchronous belt, linear guide way, positioning accurate, fast. The upper and lower lifting mechanism adopts variable frequency motor with nylon belt and organ sucker variable stroke design, and the manipulator has its own plate splitting function to ensure fast plate lifting without superposition. The Leap Machinery wallboard palletizing machine adopts mechanical and electrical dual safety system to ensure the safety of the equipment, and adopts PLC intelligent control system, touch screen friendly man-machine interface. The Leap Machinery wallboard palletizing machine is the necessary equipment for loading and unloading materials in the automatic production of floor and panel furniture manufacturers.

Although the working principle of ac servo motor is similar to that of single-phase asynchronous motor, the rotor resistance of the former is much larger than that of the latter. Therefore, compared with the stand-alone asynchronous motor, the servo motor has three significant characteristics:

1. Large starting torque

Because of the high rotor resistance, the torque characteristic curve is obviously different from that of ordinary asynchronous motors. It can make the critical slip S0& GT; 1. This not only makes the torque characteristics (mechanical characteristics) more linear, but also has a larger starting torque. Therefore, when the stator has a control voltage, the rotor rotates immediately, that is, it has the characteristics of fast starting and high sensitivity.

2. Wide operating range

3, no rotation phenomenon

The normal operation of the servo motor, as long as the loss of control voltage, the motor immediately stop running. When the servo motor loses control voltage, it is in single-phase operation state. Due to the high rotor resistance, the two torque characteristics (T1-S1, T2-S2 curve) and the composite torque characteristics (T-S curve) are generated by the two rotating magnetic fields rotating in opposite directions in the stator acting on the rotor.

The output power of ac servo motor is generally 0.1-100W. When the power frequency is 50Hz, the voltage is 36V, 110V, 220, 380V; When the power frequency is 400Hz, the voltage is 20V, 26V, 36V, 115V and so on.

Ac servo motor running smoothly, low noise. But the control characteristic is nonlinear, and because the rotor resistance is large, large loss, low efficiency, so compared with the same capacity DC servo motor, large volume, heavy weight, so only suitable for 0.5-100W small power control system.


Items  Data
Turning Speed ≤ 8/ turns/min
Turn motor power 3 kW
Gas 0.6MPa-0.8MPa
Lifting Range ≤ 50 KGS
Flooring size() Length 600~6000 mm
Width  300-1300mm
Width 150~250 mm

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